This is a "bridge" program
for IT specialists.

Here we help with
employment in Japanese
IT companies and learning
the language from scratch

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About the program

A program for professionals from different IT fields.
You can be an application developer or a data scientist, if you are good in your field we are ready to review your skills and find an employer!

This program is exactly for you if:

You have a degree in IT/mathematics/physics, or experience in IT

You dream of a life in Japan with a good job and decent income

There are 3 steps that you have to take to get an offer from one of Japan's leading IT companies:  

Step 1

Apply an application

Send us an application form with your CV and get selected

Step 2


Master your basic Japanese skills to the N5 level

Step 3

Test task

Successfully complete test assignments from employers

Don`t miss a chance to make
your dream come true

submit an application

Due date for the application is July 7th, 2024

What will program participants get from hello, yaponiya!

A free intensive online Japanese language course at a partner center

An offer from one or more Japanese partner companies

An experience in an international project

A two-week stay in Japan at the end of the program at the employer's expense to better get to know both the country and your potential employers

yaponiya! trip

Two-week stay in Japan

On us

Preparing visa documents and accommodation costs while you are in Japan.

On you

Flight and personal expenses.

During our cultural and business exchange trip you will get:

A personal meeting with your employers

You will get to see the office and how Japanese companies work from the inside

The opportunity to choose an employer

If several companies are interested in you, you are free to choose the one you think is the best for you


We will introduce you to a local developer community

A pleasant experience of traveling to a new country

A pleasant experience of traveling to a new country

Partner companies for your future career:

Omura Yoshihiro

CEO "E-Grid"

We develop custom software and geographic information systems for Japanese government agencies, as well as engage in digital marketing.

Who are we looking for?

Ruby on Rails / PHP / React / Python web systems developers

Engineers and developers of spatial information systems (GIS) that use geographically coordinated data

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About us:

We have more than 60 specialists from Japan, USA, Korea, Myanmar, Vietnam in our team

We have successfully implemented more than 50 projects on web systems development for CRM, EC, accounting and education

Company was founded in 2010
Offices are located in Tokyo, Izumo, Koba and Yonago

Hiroshi Makino

CEO "SAMI Japan"

We develop websites and our asynchronous video communication service SAMI VIDEO PITCH using highly qualified IT specialists from the CIS and Ukraine.

Who are we looking for?

Back-end developers in Javascript, Node.js, ReactJS familiar with AWS (Amazon cloud services) and Google Firebase or have experience with ffmpeg video processing.

Front-end developers in Javascript, ReactJS, with Webflow experience

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About us:

We are constantly improving our own product - SAMI VIDEO PITCH (a platform that facilitates asynchronous communication in companies through video pitches).

We have five years of experience in managing global acceleration programs as well as providing clients with new business development strategies.

Company was founded in 2017 
Offices are located in Tokyo, Shimane (Izumo), Kiev, St. Petersburg and Moscow

Masahiro Hiraishi

CEO "Monstar Lab Omnibus, Inc."

We develop RPA tools and IT platforms for the restaurant businesses, and provide consulting services for japanese regional administrations.

Who we a looking for?

We are looking for specialists with experience or interest in the following frameworks:

TypeScript / React / Next.js / PHP / Laravel / C# .NET/ Windows Presentation Foundation

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About us:

We strive to bring the power of technology to places where it is currently hardly used, such as small and medium-sized businesses and local governments located in rural areas of Japan;

We organize IT events in Japan, such as GovTech Summit in Tokyo and Kobe.

Company was found in 2020
Offices are located in Tokyo, Kobe, Izumo

Uchida Hirotaka

Member of the Board "NIPPO CORPORATION"

My journey began with programming the i8085 processor for a measuring instrument, overcoming challenges in assembly language and limited memory. Now, as the head of development and manufacturing, I continue to lead our team with dedication and expertise.

Who we a looking for?

We welcome applications from those interested in manufacturing, those who enjoy creating things, and those skilled in system development.

Together with you, we will continue to develop enhanced features for our cloud service 'iFarm Cloud', and applications for agricultural businesses and their further expansion.

Stack: JavaScript, React, Ruby, Rails, AWS, PostgreSQL

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About us:

At our company, we engage in the intricate domains of microcomputer embedded development for IoT and application development on cloud servers. Our embedded services encompass electronic circuit design and embedded program development.

As for cloud server application development, we harness languages like TypeScript and Ruby, frameworks including GraphQL, Next.js, Ruby on Rails, and deploy in environments supported by Docker and AWS. Moreover, we take pride in the mass production of these embedded devices.

Company was found in 1964
Offices are located in Kawaguchi, Shimane

Hiroyuki Ito

CEO "EVRIM Co., Ltd."

We are engaged in research and development of integrated circuits and related technologies.

Who are we looking for?

Embedded systems programmers with experience in MCU software development, coding and testing in C; Analog integrated circuit engineers (Cadence Virtuoso);

Wireless circuit design engineers (using simulators such as Keysight ADS).

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About us:

Our employees are university professors specializing in high-frequency wireless communication circuits, low-power and low-noise analog circuits, and IoT;

We create one-of-a-kind integrated circuit designs, design receiver layouts for optical communications, and make high-frequency sensor circuits for ultra-sensitive gas sensors.

Company was found in 2020
Offices are located in Yokohama

Katsuya Imamura

CEO "Unixon Systems"

We develop new services using artificial intelligence and video processing technologies, as well as DX consulting with a focus on media systems development.

Who are we looking for?

Professionals who share our motto: "Hello! Impossible".

Web application developers.

Java / JavaScript (React、Vue.Js、Node.Js) / C/C++ / C# / PHP / Python / GO / SQL / HTML/CSS developers

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About us:

Providing cutting-edge technology to everyone in the video industry;

Our main products are: video sharing platform;

Video analysis solutions (automatic highlighting, automatic transcription and translation); video monitoring systems; high-speed file transfer systems; backbone business systems for broadcast stations.You can work with us from anywhere in the world.

Company was found in 1991
Offices are located in Fukuoka

Hayashi Makoto

CEO "Synkom Co., Ltd"

We are involved in developing Edge AI Solutions, analogue circuit design and LSI layout design.

Who we are looking for?

AI Developers with experience in Computer Vision, TensetFlow, PyTorch and etc., Linux knowledge;

Specialists with experience in analogue circuit design and LSI layout design.

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About us:

We are engaged in contract design and development of semiconductors and Edge AI Solutions.

We provide comprehensive support for the testing process in semiconductor manufacturing.

We also help and advise on offshore semiconductor development.

Company was found in 2004
Offices are located in Yokohama, Osaka, Philippines

Stages of this program

If you are confident in your abilities and desire to move to Japan with employment in an IT company, then you must go through these steps:

Stage 1

June-July 2024

Fill out and send us an application for the program, describe in detail your work experience in your CV , and tell us about your  hard-skills.

Wait for a manager's response about your application approval and arrange an interview date.

Attend an interview with our manager.

Stage 2

Japanese language learning and testing
August 2024 - February 2025

You speak japanese?! That’s great! Tell us about that in your application form and then continue right from the next point.

You have no idea about japanese?We’ve got you covered! Our language center partner can provide you with free classes that will bring you up to N5 level.

Courses for higher levels can be paid for by your employer after you successfully complete the program.

Successfully complete test assignments from Japanese companies.

Stage 3

March-April 2025

Get a preliminary offer.

Take a trip to Japan for 2 weeks and acquaint yourself with the country and the employer.

Start your dream job, either full-time or remotely.

At every stage our team shall always be in touch and support you with the best of our abilities.

Feel free to contact us anytime,
but be sure to check our Q&A section beforehand.

How much does it cost to participate in the program?

The program is free, but you need to be prepared to pay for the flight. Accommodation for the two weeks of orientation in Japan is paid by the organizers.

What kind of specialists do you need?

We are not looking for specialists for special positions at the selection stage, what we want is to find  great developers, engineers, analysts, etc., and help them find the right companies where their skills and work will be appreciated.The point is that there are ridiculously few good IT specialists in Japan, and companies are willing to offer interesting job opportunities to foreign applicants!

Is work experience necessary to join the program?

We are looking for skilled IT specialists with either work or internship experience.

Can I expect to work remotely for a Japanese company?

The remote work format is possible, but will be discussed individually. If you are not ready to relocate yet, you can try to discuss with your employer a remote option.

How long will it take me to complete this program?

The full program with Japanese language training will take 6 months. If you already know the language, we will arrange the matching with Japanese IT companies earlier.

Do I have to take Japanese classes at a partner school?

No, you don't have to. We don’t want to restrict you, thus you can take courses up to level N5 at any other school, or even study by yourself and prove your level by completing our test. Be aware though, that if you want to study Japanese at some other schools, you will have to pay for them yourself.

See you in Japan!

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