General provisions

SAMIJAPAN LLC collects information on all users of the website <INSERT NAME> ( to the extent necessary for seamless operation of services provided on this site. In its handling of personal information, we strictly observe the requirements of Japan's "Act on the Protection of Personal InformationHeld by Incorporated Administrative Agencies, etc." (Act No. 59 of May 30,2003) and its own internal "Rules for Protection of PersonalInformation" (set forth in Article 11 of the we Rules of 2005), and only uses information it collects within limits as set forth below so as to fulfill requirements of the related laws and regulations.

1. Personal Information Collected and Purposes for Which It Is Used

When using this site, there is in principle no need to provide any personal information, such as name and address, which can identify the user. However,the user is required to register personal information in order to use the following services that are provided through this site.

a. Services that require provision of personal information

- Acceptance of opinions and questions
- Registration and enlisitng you as a participant in the employment program.
- Processing and usage of your personal information in order to help you find an employer and prepare necessary documents for your trip to Japan.

b. Examples of personal information to be provided

- Name
- Postal code, address, telephone number
- Email address
- Other information necessary for providing various services

We save, use, or analyze personal information with the consent of users and as required by their legitimate interests within the scope necessary to seamlessly implement services provided by this site and as a reference for future improvements.

We Don't use Cookies.

(*)Cookies are a mechanism to temporarily store data on a user's computer through a browser when a user visits a website. Information on the user's device and the number of visits to the site are recorded in a cookie and are used to identify the user when they visit the site.

2. Provision of Information Handled

Exceptin case of request for disclosure based on the GDPR or related law or regulation, unauthorized access, illegal threats or other special circumstances, we will not use any information collected for any purpose other than those stated in Article 1 above, or provide it to any third party, unless we have such consent from you. However,we may publicize statistically processed data or opinions with respect to information on access to this site, proposals and opinions to us, and personal attributes pertaining to the information.

3. Data Protection Measures

We shall take necessary measures to prevent the leakage, loss or damage of information it handles and to appropriately manage such information. In addition, we may outsource operation of this site. In such a case, the outsourcer must also comply with GDPR and related laws, protect data against breaches,losses and other harm, and take all appropriate measures to provide for proper management of data.

4. Disclosure, Correction and Suspension of Use of Personal Information

When a user of our website requests disclosure, correction or suspension of use of their personal information, we will disclose, correct or suspend use of the personal information as appropriate to the circumstances of the request.

5. Scope of Application

This policy applies only to this site; therefore, we are not responsible for the content of external websites linked from this site.

6. Notes

You can always contact us by filling out a form that you can find by clicking on the “Contact” tab on the main page.

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